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The name "investment" is derived from meaning "surround", like a "vest" to keep warm. The process can be compared to other casting methods - sand casting and pressure casting.


Investment casting allows the designer the complete freedom in material, with minimal machining and a fine surface finish when cast and capability to polish up to mirror quality.

Why Investment Casting?

  • Design freedom

  • Reduction of assembly operations

  • Wide choice of alloys

  • Close dimensional tolerances

  • Size range - 1g to 25kg

  • Fine surface finish


Investment casting can be the real cost saving method of forming a shape. Hycast has developed a successful formula for a shape to evolve from sketch to reality.


Hycast employs personnel who bring with them a variety of sophisticated engineering and technical skills. Continual skill improvement and upgrading ensures that


Hycast can always offer discerning clients a superlative skills base with guaranteed quality of manufacture.


Products manufactured can be categorised into applications, which can be easily extended.


Hycast is a world leader in the production of architectural investment castings used to support glazed assembly structures in commercial and industrial projects around the world. From Shanghai to Sydney, from Dubai to Washington. Hycast products are now integral aspects of leading architectural projects on every continent.


The company's success flows from uncompromising attention to all aspect of engineering, metallurgy and production issues. Hycast offers flexibility in castings and reassures building owners, developers and architects that all Hycast products are manufactured to exacting specifications and are suited to the most demanding of design conditions.


One of our particular areas of specialisation is the fabrication of plant or machinery replacement parts. Clients know that if they suffer a breakdown they can rely on Hycast to produce a replacement part far quicker and more cost effectively than any other source. Hycast’s rapid prototyping process enables a speedy delivery of spare components to machinery in the mining industry


Hycast has the artistic vision and technical skill to transform inspired ideas into a sculptured reality. When the creative requirement is for either freestanding or integral architectural sculpture, Hycast is an originator offering design capabilities as well as flexibility, innovation and fine craftsmanship.


From Marquette to monument, from abstract to fine detail, from lobby to the boardroom, Hycast offers master casting, foundry skills and a one-off sculpture.

Engineering & Industrial

Investment casting is a suitable process for engineering and industrial applications as castings can be made in a wide range of alloys. These special alloys may be used to ensure the finished product possesses great strength and/or resistances to heat, abrasion and corrosion. The investment casting process will also deliver the high level of precision required for many industrial parts.


The advanced technology of the investment casting process can solve problems such as:

  • Complex shapes

  • Difficult to machine alloys

  • Expensive machining operations

  • Sub-assemblies

  • Fine detail

  • Very small components

Safety Equipment

Components that a relied upon to save lives are typically made from an investment casting process. Investment casting is used to ensure that the precision and strength required is not compromised in any way. Hycast has been a trusted supplier of parts to the safety industry for 30 years.


Investment casting is a suitable process for marine applications as castings can be made in a wide range of special alloys. These special alloys may be used to ensure the finished product possesses great strength and/or resistances to heat, abrasion and corrosion. Hycast manufactures a variety of hardware, valves, connectors, pump components and more for the marine industry.

Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal casting is a fast and efficient method of producing superior quality hollow-bar for machining into your components. It can be supplied in a wide range of standard or client-specific sizes and alloys.


It is an economical alternative from which components requiring high temperature, corrosion and wear resistance with constant machining characteristics. Gravity-cast foundry products cannot compete with the high quality fine-grained components produced using our precision centrifugal casting techniques.


Hycast Metal's centrifugal cast hollow bars are available in a broad range of standard and non-standard sizes and all types of air melted alloys. They provide significant material and machining cost savings when compared with solid bars.


Our standard bars are produced in lengths of up to 600mm with outside diameters ranging from 95mm to 530mm. The hollow bars can be cast with varying wall thicknesses to your specifications. They are an ideal source of machining stock.


Some of the many types of components produced from our material include wear rings, seals, bushes and bearings, rollers, gear blanks, pump sleeves, general and pipe flanges, furnace parts, cylindrical or ring type engineering components and forged stock.

Rapid Prototype

Send us a challenge! The team at Hycast loves being involved in exciting new products. Over the years Hycast has been involved with entrepreneurs, inventors and multinationals all looking to invent the latest & greatest widget. Hycast offers design expertise, experience and the latest design tools to aid you getting your new product to the market. Contact our design team with your latest ideas..!


Rapid Prototyping technology combines computer modelling with automated wax printing to produce a ‘near perfect’ single casting. This technology is important as it allows the client to confirm shape, form and finish prior to the commencement of tooling.

Precision Investment Castings

Hycast Metals

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