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Hycast is a lot more than “just another investment casting company”. The company offers the full range of technical skills necessary to ensure precision investment castings are managed effectively from design through to utilization.


Hycast has manufactured engineered castings, for the full spectrum of industries.


Hycast has completed prestige architectural projects across the world, including Dubai International Airport Terminal 3’s distinctive tear drop windows and Hong Kong’s One Island East foyer support structure, including 220 kg distinctive and unique vierendeel truss elements.


Hycast is able to coordinate all the engineering and metallurgical services required to produce custom made investment castings for glazing support systems.


Our castings have literally been around the globe. Hycast manufactured the high strength stainless steel castings and supplied Fleming Self Steering with the components for Jessica Watson’s “Ella’s Pink Lady” on her record breaking circumnavigation in May 2010. Jessica steered a fine course!


In addition to Investment casting, Hycast manufactures centrifugal spun castings. These casting can be made in materials and dimensions, not readily available from standard stock suppliers.


If you have a casting requirement, you cannot go wrong in starting with Hycast Metals as your first step.

Investment Casting Foundry

Hycast is committed to consolidating its position as a world class supplier of engineered Precision Investment Castings suitable for architectural, industrial and commercial applications.


With a strong 50 year track record well established, Hycast continues to develop as a leading Australian manufacturer dedicated to the production of quality professionally-engineered investment castings. The company will continue to meet client expectations in an understanding and innovative matter, by attracting, training and training high calibre technical personnel and staff. Through the ongoing improvement of management processes and service delivery systems, Hycast will sustain and expand its international profile and global market share.


Hycast focuses increasingly on the production of architectural investment casting used to support glazed assembly structures in commercial and industrial projects around the world. From Shanghai to Sydney, from Dubai to Washington, Hycast products are now an integral aspects of leading architectural projects on every continent. Our company's success flows from uncompromising attention to all aspects of engineering, metallurgy and production issues.


Hycast offers flexibility in casting which reassures building owners, developers and architects that all Hycast metal products are manufactured to exacting specifications and are suited to the most demanding of design conditions.


Hycast employs personnel who bring with them a variety of sophisticated engineering and technical skills. Continual skills improvement and upgrading ensures that Hycast can always offer discerning clients a superlative skills base with guaranteed quality of manufacture.

Precision Investment Castings

Hycast Metals

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